The Gloucester Diamonds

Folk, Sea Shanty, Blues, Music Hall, Contemporary music all sung with passion

Glosdiamondscover copy

Waes Hael

Gloucester Diamonds are proud to be part of Stroud Wassail


Hear yea, hear yea, hear yea!

I do hereby give notice to the nobility, gentry and communality of Stroud

That on this day all bolts, bars and latches.

Which lock up the heart be broken!

And that the heart be proclaimed undisputed monarch and his reign commence forthwith.

The fool shall have pride of place, both in your heart and mind.

I hereby absolve you of all your wisdom,

Turning you all into little children.

You are about to see and hear the Stroud Wassailers.

Now Ladies and Gentlemen my speech is most ended

So remember this hat which is highly commended.



Lady of Misrule Stroud Wassail