The Gloucester Diamonds

Folk, Sea Shanty, Blues, Music Hall, Contemporary music all sung with passion

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We sing a variety of material including sea shanties, traditional folk, Music Hall, contemporary and comedy. We do this because we think variety makes for a more entertaining performance and because we like it.


Songs in our current set include:


1.North West Passage

2.John Ball

3.Three Ravens

4.Three Crows


6.Myrtle the Turtle

7.On a Monday Morning

8.High Germany

9.Bay of Mexico

10.Hey John Barleycorn

11.Somewhere along the road

12.Sally Free and easy

13.Donkey Riding

14.Do you want us to lose the war?

15.Off to sea once more

16.Nutting Girl

17.Chastity Belt

18.Mercedes Benz

19.My love is like a swallow

20.Kind Friends and Companions

21.All the Good Times

22.Drunken Sailor

23.Roll Alabama Roll

24.Too long away

25.Jones’ Ale

26.John Barleycorn



This is a guide only we are never sure exactly what we are going to sing until the night