The Gloucester Diamonds

Folk, Sea Shanty, Blues, Music Hall, Contemporary music all sung with passion

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Diamond Choruses


Here are the words to some of our favourite chorus songs.   For copyright reasons, however, we can only list the public domain ones below.   Enjoy and sing with us when we next perform!


Hey John Barleycorn

Hey John Barleycorn, Ho John Barleycorn.

Old and young thy praise have sung.  John Barleycorn!


John Barleycorn

To me right fol lo lol, tiddy fol dol, to me right fol lol I dee.

And how they sar’d  John Barley corn, they sar’d him bitterly.


Bay of Mexico

Way O Suziana, around the bay of Mexico


Do You Want Us To Lose the War?

Do you want us to lose the war?


Nutting Girl

With my fal-lal to my ral-tal-lal Whack-fol-the-dear-ol-day

And what few nuts that poor girl had

She threw them all away.


Kind Friends and Companions

Kind friends and companions, come join me in rhyme

Come lift up your voices in chorus with mine

Come lift up your voices, all grief to refrain

For we may or might never all meet here again



God moves on the water

April the 14th day

God moves on the water

Everybody had to run and pray.